Tioga Inn Specific Plan & SEIR

The Tioga Inn Specific Plan Amendment and Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) is located on four parcels (APN 021-080-014, -025, -026 & -027) at 22, 133, and 254 Vista Point Road. The amendment proposes up to 150 new workforce housing bedrooms in up to 100 new units, a third gas-pump island and overhead canopy, additional parking to accommodate on-site guest vehicles as well as a general-use park-and-ride facility and bus parking for Yosemite transit vehicles, a new package wastewater treatment system tied to a new subsurface drip irrigation system, replacement of the existing water storage tank with a new tank of the same size in the same area, a new 30,000-gallon on-site propane tank (eventually replacing the existing five on-site tanks), modification to the boundaries and acreage of designated open space, and modification of parcel boundaries.

The public hearing is intended to solicit public comment on modified project information, specifically, a one-story site plan, now referred to as the current preferred project, Alternative 7 - Hybrid Site Plan, which consists of project elements previously analyzed as Alternatives 6 and the Cluster Alternative. Alternative 7 contains additional information regarding visual impacts of the project from the Navy Beach and South Tufa areas at Mono Lake and corresponding mitigation of those impacts; modified plans showing phasing of all proposed 100 community housing units with the layout of Phase 1; a detailed Landscape Plan; and clarification of proposed grading and required infrastructure for each phase of project development. You may wish to limit testimony to comments that have not previously been stated; previous comments submitted remain a part of the record for consideration. A Subsequent Environmental Impact Report to the 1993 Environmental Impact Report for the Tioga Inn Specific Plan is proposed for the project.

The Mono County Planning Commission recommended Board approval after conducting a public hearing on April 16, 2020, (watch the video here) for the Tioga Inn Specific Plan Amendment and Final Subsequent EIR.  Materials from the meeting are available here:


The Mono County Board of Supervisors will contines it's Public Hearing at 9:00 am on October 14, 2020.

Please visit https://monocounty.zoom.us/j/92802881534 or visit https://www.zoom.us/ click on "Join A Meeting" and use the Zoom Meeting ID 928 0288 1534

Livestream link: http://monocounty.granicus.com/player/event/998?publish_id=c2763bb2-32b7...

INTERESTED PERSONS may provide comments to the Board of Supervisors by emailing cddcomments@mono.ca.gov or by mail to: Community Development Department, Attn: Michael Draper, PO Box 347, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. Written comments must be received by 2:00 p.m. on October 13. Written comments will not be read into the record but will be transmitted to the Board prior to deliberation.

Previously held meetings: 

Planning Commission, April 16, 2020: https://monocounty.ca.gov/planning-commission/page/planning-commission-special-meeting-8

Board of Supervisors, June 29-30. 2020: https://monocounty.ca.gov/bos/page/board-supervisors-special-meeting-35 

Board of Supervisors, August 6, 2020: https://monocounty.ca.gov/bos/page/board-supervisors-special-meeting-37