HMO Nexus & Fee Studies

Four nexus/fee studies were completed to update Mono County's Housing Mitigation Ordinance, including 1) ownership nexus fee study , 2) rental nexus study , 3) commercial linkage fee study, and 4) inclusionary housing in-lieu fee study.

The first two studies determine the maximum allowable fee that can legally be charged for new residential units for either rent or ownership. The commercial linkage fee study determines the maximum allowable fee for commercial development. An inclusionary requirement[1] sets aside a portion of market rate units for households earning lower incomes. On-site units are delivered by developers, or the payment of in-lieu fees, dedication of land, acquisition and preservation of existing units, or other means of compliance may be allowed.

The studies were completed by Economic Planning Systems, Inc., in 2018.


[1] After AB 1505, jurisdictions no longer need to prepare a nexus study to justify an affordable housing fee charged on rental residential projects.  Mono County did both a nexus and fee study as to provide the traditional methodology as well as the new acceptable methodology for reference when determining appropriate fees.