Planning Division

Community Planning

The Planning Division provides information and collaborates with agencies, organizations and departments involved in planning, environmental review, and development policies. We seek input on planning matters of interest to local residents and property owners through Regional Planning Advisory Committees (RPACs), task groups, surveys, local media, and public hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

The Planning Division processes permit applications as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of planning services. We maintain continuity between the planning offices in Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport, and ensure consistent information is provided to the public. The Planning Division coordinates with other departments, community groups, organizations and agencies, and forms partnerships to resolve planning issues.

The Community Development Department offers a wide array of options on our Online Services page.

Our mission is to provide efficient, responsive, and innovative public service through teamwork.
Short Term Rentals

This webpage has information on Mono County's policies, regulations, and permits for short-term rentals in single-family residential areas.

After lengthy amendment and public outreach process, Chapter 25 amendment was approved and took effect April 13, 2017, allowing Type I rentals where the owner occupies the premises and is present during vacation rentals, subject to obtaining a use permit from the Planning Commission.

A moratorium on Type II rentals, where owners do not occupy the property, was enacted to allow for additional public outreach.