Vaccination and Licensing Clinic Schedule

For schedule of clinics See the animal control home page or a link below

Mono County Animal Services is pleased to announce the upcoming clinic schedules for the annual low cost vaccination clinics for dog and cat owners.  The clinics are typically scheduled throughout Mono County during the month of June for the convenience of  Mono County dog and cat owners, visitors to the County, as well as Nevada,  Inyo County and Mammoth Lakes residents. This year due to COVID, they are scheduled during the month of July.

Mono County dog owners may also  purchase 2020/2021 dog licenses during the same visit.  Please remember that in order to obtain a dog license your dog must have a current rabies vaccination.  Please see Title 17 Ca. Code of Regulations when you view the clinic schedule on this website.  The attending veterinarian will have rabies vaccinations available for $10.00 as well as  canine and feline vaccinations.

Please have your dogs on a leash at all times and your kitties in a carrier when attending a clinic.  If a dog is “dog aggressive”,  unruly or aggressive towards people,  we suggest that you leave the dog in your vehicle and the veterinarian may choose to vaccinate at the car.

We must follow a very strict schedule in order to arrive at the next clinic in a timely manner and in order to do so Mono County Animal Services and the Eastern Sierra Veterinarians ask that you arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to closing time.

For further vaccination and licensing information please call Mono County Animal Services at 760 932-5630.  See you at a clinic!