Lost and Found Program

There are many ways to get the word out when your pet goes missing, here are a few options...

  • Contact our shelters the moment you notice your pet missing. Shelters are the first place a person will go when they find a lost pet. You may also fill out our lost pet report using the form below. 
    • Whitmore Shelter: 760-935-4734
    • Bridgeport Shelter: 760-932-7407
  • Create a missing pet report on Petco Love Lost, click on the banner below, their website also allows you to search for found animals in all participating shelters, including Mono County Shelters.  
  • Create a report with Docupet, Mono County's dog licensing provider. 
  • Remember to place something that smells like you, dirty clothes for example, in the location where your pet was lost.  
  • Post on social media. If you submit a missing pet report here, we will post on your behalf to our Facebook and Instagram pages. There is also a Facebook page, Lost and Found pets of Mono County  that you can post to as well. 

Remember that it always helps to give your pet something of your's to find by laying out a used article of your clothing. Place this at the spot where you lost your pet and check that spot periodically. 

Follow this banner to find the Petco Love Lost resources...


Missing Pets