Pet Adoptions


Our Adoptable Animals

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Prepare to Adopt!


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Adopting a Dog


Adopting a Cat 



Adoption Process

The process is simple: 

1.) Take a look at our animals. When you find an animal that looks like a good match, it's time to talk about the animal with our shelter staff to be sure the animal is a good fit.

2.) If you have current dogs,  we recommend bringing your dog(s) with you to the shelter for introductions. 

3.) Time to adopt! We'll have you sign an adoption agreement, complete the payment and the animal is yours!    


Can the shelter reserve the animal for me? 

It is our policy that the animal is available for adoption until it is adopted. 

I have met this animal and would like to come back to adopt, but I am not available to come back for a few days. What do I do?

Call the shelter. Shelter staff can assist you with adopting remotely. You may then board your animal until you're able to pick the animal up at a later date. Board fees are $10/night for dogs and $6/night for cats.  

If I need to come back to the shelter at a later date to introduce the animal to my current pets, can the shelter reserve the animal for me?

We encourage as many introductions as possible to ensure a compatible match, but we still need to keep the animal available until it's adopted. If you walk away without going through the adoption process, the animal may get adopted by someone else. You may want to arrive ready to conduct introductions in one visit. 

Mono County Animal Services reserves the right to deny an adoption


Adoption fees


Dog Adoptions: $40                         ♦                         Cat Adoptions: $25 

Dog Spay/Neuter Deposit (if applicable): $40                         Cat Spay/Neuter Deposit(if applicable): $30


Pets for Vets!

Adoption fees are waived for veterans

*Limit of one animal per 6 months

*Must provide ID or driver's license showing the word "veteran"