Report a Nuisance

Barking Dog

Mono County Ordinance


9.36.030 - Noisy Dogs

It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog owned by him or in his possession or under his control to habitually destroy the peace and quiet of any person or neighborhood by habitual barking or howling. (Ord. 399 21, 1970)

9.36.040 - Dog Nuisances

It is unlawful for any person to permit any animal owned by him or in his possession or under his control to commit a nuisance in any public place or on the property of another. (Ord. 82-399-L 4, 1982: Ord. 399 22, 1970)

Link: Animal Cruelty Laws


Submit a public nuisance petition 

If the nuisance affects multiple residents, a petition can be filled out and filed with Animal Services. An Officer will then write the owner a citation for the public nuisance violation.

A nuisance complaint petition can be found at the bottom of this page, along with a witness statement form.

1.) Print out the petition and a few witness statement forms.

2.) Fill out the petition and collect signatures from your neighbors, we will only accept a petition with multiple households listed. 

3.) The witness statement form is provided to give a more detailed overview of experiences, fill one out for yourself, and allow your neighbors to fill one out for themselves, include dates if this nuisance has been going on for a while.   

4.) When all forms are complete, mail the petition and all witness statement forms to the Animal Services Admin Office, mailing info can be found on the petition. An Animal Services Officer will then make contact with the offending dog owner. Remember that a public nuisance petition could go to court where all parties may be requested to appear and testify. Therefore, parties are not guaranteed to remain anonymous in the case of a public nuisance complaint.   

For further information, please call Animal Services at (760) 932-5630


For Owners Trying to Resolve Excessive Barking, Below is an Article Providing Tips...



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