Consistency With Local General Plans And Airport Master Plans

State law requires local general plans and applicable specific plans to be consistent with the ALUC plan. In the event that the ALUC plan is amended, the law requires the County/Town to amend its general or specific plan within 180 days to be consistent with the revised ALUC plan. In the event that the County/Town does not concur with the provision of the ALUC plan, the County/Town may override the ALUC by two-thirds vote after making specific findings that the proposed action is consistent with the purposes of Section 21670 of the PUC.

State law provides that, before modification of an airport master plan, the public agency owning the airport must submit the proposed change to the ALUC for a finding of consistency with the ALUC plan. Such an action was taken by the ALUC regarding the Update of the Mammoth/June Lake Airport Master Plan in May 1989.