Colitas Farms

Colitas Farms: Proposal for cultivation, processing, and manufacturing of cannabis on an Agriculture (AG-10) parcel located at 324 North River Lane in Walker (APN 002-460-015). The proposed project includes two 10,000 square foot (sf) greenhouses with cannabis canopy area not to exceed 20,000 sf at full build out; one immature plant greenhouse (1,500 sf); one diffused light clone greenhouse (1,500 sf); two oil extraction, drying, and processing sheds (720 sf, each approximately 180 sf for drying, 348 sf for processing, and 192 sf for oil extraction); one manufactured home (693 square feet); one apartment barn (2,592 sf total with 1,000 sf of living space); two lavender cultivation areas (43,560 sf and 4,560 sf) and lavender oil extraction at full build out; landscaping trees around the perimeter of the property; fourteen parking spaces; and a one-way road with two access points . A CEQA 15183 exemption is proposed.