Tim Kendall, District Attorney


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During his 26 years in Mono County, Tim Kendall has lived in the communities of June Lake, Mammoth Lakes, and Bridgeport. He has been married to his wife Shannon for 26 years and has one daughter currently in graduate school.

During his tenure with the Mono County District Attorney’s Office Tim has served under Stan Eller, who was the District Attorney from 1985–1999 and George Booth, who served as the District Attorney from 1999–2012. Once he was promoted to the Assistant District Attorney position, Tim began heading up the Mono County Narcotics Enforcement Team and was responsible for all major narcotics crimes in Mono County. He has received many certificates and honors for his services in the narcotics field. As the Assistant, he also was tasked with handling major felonies as well as given the responsibilities of assisting in the administration of the Office.

Since 2012, Tim Kendall has continued to prosecute cases while leading the Office of the District Attorney. Although he is responsible for the administrative functions of the office, such as answering to the public and setting policy and procedure, he continues to be involved with the fundamental responsibility of the office - the prosecution of criminal offenders to ensure justice is served and victims are made whole.