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Tim Kendall

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Mono County District Attorney Tim Kendall understands what a privilege and honor it is to serve as the Chief Prosecutor to the citizens of Mono County.  Dedicating the majority of his legal career to public service he feels that there is no greater honor than serving your fellow citizens.  He also feels that being a prosecutor and protecting the community in which he lives is one of the best jobs in the world.  

Tim Kendall was born in 1963 and raised in Houston, Texas.  His dad was a preacher and his mother was a court reporter for a Houston Judge.  Early on his parents instilled the value and importance of being involved and helping to improve the lives of others.  Learning that if you’re not working on improving someone’s life you are hurting it.  He has tried to live by the simply phrase of “doing the right thing for the right reasons all the time.” 

He went to Baylor University located in Texas and graduated in 1985 with a degree in Finance.  After working for several years in the finance field with a Dallas, Texas based company he was relocated to San Diego.  During this time is when his decision to leave finance and pursue a legal career was decided and he pursued his law degree in San Diego.  Because of his desire to help people and the exposure and influences from his mom as a court reporter, he was convinced that this was the right move.

He was appointed to District Attorney in the summer of 2012 after serving 13 years as the Mono County Assistant District Attorney and 4 years prior to that as a Deputy District Attorney.  Before moving from San Diego to Mono County he worked for a small law firm which practiced both in civil and criminal law. 

He has been married to his wife Shannon for 23 years and has one daughter currently in college.  During his 23 years in Mono County, he has lived in the communities of June, Mammoth and Bridgeport.

During his tenure with the Mono County District Attorney’s office he has served under Stan Eller, who was the District Attorney from 1985 - 1999 and George Booth, who served as the District Attorney from 1999 – 2012.  As a young Deputy District Attorney, he handled a variety of criminal and civil cases but was primarily responsible for prosecuting narcotics cases and helped clean up a lot of the methamphetamine manufacturing that was occurring in Mono County. 

Once he was promoted to the Assistant District Attorney position, he began heading up the Mono County Narcotics Enforcement Team and was responsible for all major narcotics crimes in Mono County.  He has received many certificates and honors for his services in the narcotics field.  As the Assistant, he also was tasked with handling major felonies as well as given the responsibilities of assisting in the administration of the Office.

Since his appointment in 2012, he continues to prosecute cases while leading the Office of the District Attorney’s Office.  Although he is responsible for the functions of the office, answering to the public and setting policy and procedure he continues to be involved with the fundamental responsibility of the office which is the prosecution of criminal offenders to ensure justice is done and victims are made whole.

“My commitment to the County is to serve the position of the District Attorney with the upmost honesty, integrity and honor.  I will enhance the public’s safety and welfare and create a sense of security in the community.”