Solid Waste FAQ's

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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Solid Waste system in Mono County, along with links to additional resources.

1. Can I pay my bill online?

Yes - click here.

These fees are not administered by the tax collector and are collected by a third party. The fees are as follows: E-Checks-FREE / Credit or Debit cards is 2.38% of the bill.


2. How do I dispose of wood, soil, trash, metal, appliances, oil, hazardous waste, etc?

The best way to determine how to dispose of a given item, and the associated cost for dumping the item (including items that are accepted for no charge) can be found by looking through the Fee Summary for the landfill or transfer station you wish to visit.

3. I want garbage service. Who provides this service in Mono County?

For regular garbage collection and ordering of dumpsters for specific needs, there are two businesses that are permitted to offer these services in the County: Mammoth Disposal (760) 934-2201, and D&S Waste (775) 463-3090.

For residential recycling service, contact Mammoth Disposal.

4. What can I recycle in Mono County?

Mono County facilities provide recycling bins for glass containers, plastic (#1-#2), aluminum, and corrugated cardboard. All of these items can be dropped off for free at County transfer stations. See our recycling page for additional information.  

5. Why don't I get paid for recyclables at the Transfer Stations?

The County’s program was designed in order to encourage and enable recycling in the county, but the infrastructure that facilitates the marketing of recyclables (scales, crushers, balers, storage and transportation) have not yet been invested in. With the County’s current infrastructure, the cost of transportation of the materials is greater than the price the county receives for the materials once delivered to market.

6. I need to go to the dump. Where is the closest Landfill or Transfer Station?

See the Landfill and Transfer Station page for details on these facilities.

7. What are the hours of operations for Landfills and Transfer Stations?

See the Landfill and Transfer Station page for details on these facilities.

8. Where can I collect free wood chips?

Wood waste from yard trimmings, brush and tree removal, dimensional lumber and other wood products, is stockpiled at certain county facilities where it is chipped for beneficial re-use. When available (chips are not always available), residents can collect these chips for personal use. Anyone interested in collecting the chips must first sign a wood chip release form, after which they can use hand tools to load vehicles with the chips. Chips are available for collection at the Walker LF/TS, Bridgeport TS, Pumice Valley LF/TS, and Benton Crossing LF.

9. How do I obtain a wood waiver to dispose of wood waste?

See the wood waiver page for additional information on the County's wood waiver program.

10. How can I report illegal dumping?

To report illegal dumping, please call (760) 932-5453 and the information will be forwarded to the relevant enforcement agency.

11. How can I get rid of an old vehicle?

Benton Crossing LF will dispose of your old vehicle for a fee; be sure to provide a title.  Or you can donate your old vehicle here: