Recycling Locations

Non-Payment Recycling Centers

All of the county's Solid Waste Facilities offer bins for the collection of glass, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Although these facilities do not offer payment, it is a simple way to reduce the weight and cost of garbage disposal, as well as extend the life of our landfill and ensure the materials are benefically re-used. Check out the Landfill and Transfer Station page for specific information on the locations, and hours of operations of these facilities.


Payment Recycling Centers

There is one certified redemption center in Mono County, where you can receive payment for various recyclable materials. Make sure to call the site before bringing in your recyclables in order to make sure they accept the product, and that you will receive payment for it.

The redemption center is located in the Town of Mammoth Lakes and is operated by Mammoth Disposal. See below map for location information. For hours of operation and other information, contact Mammoth Disposal at (760) 934-2201.