Transient Rental Overlay District - Suspended


What is a transient rental overlay district?
The transient rental overlay district permits a residence or accessory dwelling unit within the district to be rented on a transient basis (for a period of less than thirty days). 

The overlay district is intended to provide additional tourism-based economic opportunities and homeowner economic stability by allowing a transient rental district to be overlaid on properties within residential neighborhoods exhibiting support for allowing transient rentals.

How is a transient rental district established?
The transient rental district may be overlaid on any residential neighborhood, parcel, or group of parcels meeting the requirements of 25.060 (see attached Ch.25), and having land use designation(s) of SFR, ER, RR, MFR-L or RMH. Creation of the district is subject to a General Plan Amendment approved by the Board of Supervisors at a public hearing. Adjoining property owners will be notified of any public hearings related to the formation of a neighboring district. To apply for a transient rental overlay district, fill out the General Plan Application Packet below and submit to the Mono County Planning Division. Please give our office a call for any questions about the process or application packet!

Once I'm in a transient rental district, do I need any additional permits?
Before renting your house or unit for less than 30 days, you must first obtain a vacation home rental permit and comply with all applicable requirements of that permit. You'll also need a Mono County business license and a Mono County Transient Occupancy Certificate. 

My neighbor is applying for a transient rental overlay, are there any restrictions or requirement once it becomes a district?
Yes, there are many restrictions and regulations to meet in order to obtain a vacation home rental permit outlined in Chapter 26, Transient Rental Standards & Enforcement. Chapter 26 is attached below for more information.