To Encourage the Orderly Formation of Local Governmental Agencies
LAFCO reviews proposals for the formation of new local governmental agencies and changes of organization in existing agencies. In California there are 57 LAFCOs working with nearly 4,000 governmental agencies in 57 counties, 500+ cities, and 3,000+ special districts. In Mono County alone, there are 30 special districts. Agency boundaries, if unregulated, are often unrelated to one another and sometimes overlap at random, often leading to higher service costs to the taxpayer and general confusion regarding service area boundaries.

To Preserve Open Space and Agricultural Land Resources
LAFCO must consider the effect that any proposal will produce on existing open space and agricultural lands. By guiding development toward vacant land within communities and away from open space and agricultural preserves, LAFCO assists with the preservation of our valuable agricultural and open space resources.

To Discourage Urban Sprawl
Urban sprawl can best be described as irregular and disorganized growth occurring without apparent design or plan. By discouraging sprawl, LAFCO limits the misuse of land resources and promotes a more efficient system of local governmental agencies.

To Efficiently Provide Government Services
The State Legislature has recognized that when areas become urbanized to the extent that they need the full range of community services, priorities are required to establish the type and level of service that the community needs and desires; that community service priorities be established by weighing the total community service needs against the total financial resources available for securing community services; and that those community service priorities are required to reflect local circumstances, conditions, and limited financial resources. A single multipurpose government agency is accountable for community service needs and financial resources and therefore may be the best mechanism for establishing community service priorities. The Legislature also recognizes the critical role of many limited purpose agencies, especially in rural communities. Whether governmental services are proposed to be provided by a single purpose agency, cervical agencies, or a multipurpose agency, responsibilities should be given to the agency or agencies that can best provide government services. This Legislative declaration guides Mono LAFCO's role in encouraging efficient government service provision.