Boundary Changes
LAFCOs regulate, through approval, conditional approval or denial, the boundary changes proposed by other public agencies or individuals. Mono LAFCO reviews boundary proposals for consistency with LAFCO law and Mono LAFCO policies, procedures and guidelines.

Sphere of Influence Studies
One of the most important charges given LAFCO was the adoption of "Spheres of Influence" for local governments (1972). A "Sphere of Influence" is the physical boundary and service area that a local governmental agency is expected to serve over the next 20-year period. Establishment of this boundary is necessary to determine which governmental agencies can provide services in the most efficient way to the people and property in any given area. The Sphere of Influence requirement also works to discourage urban sprawl by preventing overlapping jurisdictions and duplication of services.

A new LAFCO requirement imposed by the Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 calls for a service review of municipal services provided in Mono County as part of the "Sphere of Influence" update process. This review is to include all agencies that provide services within Mono County.

Initiation of Special District Consolidations
Since July 1, 1994, LAFCOs have had the authority to initiate proposals that include the dissolution or consolidation of special districts, or the merging of an existing subsidiary district. Prior to initiating such an action, LAFCO must determine that the district's customers would benefit from the proposal through adoption of a sphere of influence or other special study.

Out-of-Agency Service Agreements
Cities and districts are required to obtain LAFCO's approval prior to entering into contracts with private individuals or organizations to provide services outside of the agency's boundaries.