Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment
Election Results
Ethics Training
Exhibit A - Housing Mitigation Requirements
Food Program
General Plan
Guiding Principles
Helpful Resources
Highway as Main Street & Context- Sensitive Solutions
January is National Radon Action Month
June Lake Area Plan
June Lake Highlands II, Specific Plan & FEIR (January, 2001)
June Lake Highlands SP & FEIR (August 1998)
Lakeridge Ranch Estates Specific Plan & EIR (August, 1995)
Long Valley Community Survey Results
Memorandum of Understanding
Mono Basin Community Plan
Mono City Secondary Ingress/Egress Road ROW
Mono County Housing Element
Mono County Investment Pool
Mono-Gram - A Reason to Have a Plan – Potential for Flooding 1/06/2017
Mono-Gram - Advice for people living in or traveling to South Florida
Mono-Gram - Aviso de Salud Sobre la Calidad del Aire 09/14/15
Mono-Gram - Flu Season will Arrive Soon! 9/28/2015
Mono-Gram - Hantavirus 4/27/2016
Mono-Gram - Hantavirus CDPH
Mono-Gram - Health Alert - Smoke 09/14/15
Mono-Gram - Influenza 1/11/2018
Mono-Gram - Inforamcion sobre el Virus Zika 1/19/16
Mono-Gram - New Years News 1/9/18
Mono-Gram - Raw Milk 3/4/2016
Mono-Gram - Reporte semanal sobre la Influenza 02/01/2016
Mono-Gram - Reporte sobre la Gripe 01/19/2016
Mono-Gram - The Cost of Not Vaccinating 10/31/2016
Mono-Gram - Zika Virus 1/20/16
Mono-Gram - Zika Virus Disease FAQ’s 02/09/2016
Mono-Gram - ¡La Época de la Influenza Llegará Pronto! 9/28/2015
Mono-Gram -Reporte sobre la Influenza 01/27/2016
Mountain Vistas Specific Plan & EIR (June, 2005)
No Shooting Zones
Paradise RPAC
Property Tax Rates
Proposed Hammil Valley Emergency Services Station Plans
Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites - 02/01/2016
Residential Treatment Agencies
Resolution on Bodie Hills Wilderness Study Areas
Resolution on Bridgeport's Historical Significance