Mono-Gram - Health Alert - Smoke 09/14/15

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Monday, Sep 14, 2015

Air Quality Health Advisory


As we remember those tragically impacted by the various fires,

go the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District for the latest information.

As we have all observed over the last 6 weeks, smoke, and the increased particulate levels, vary considerably from hour to hour, and prediction is a tricky art combined with science. This makes it difficult to make decisions about altering or cancelling upcoming events. Many have asked about possible restrictions on outdoor activities, especially as it relates to schools, recess, sporting events, etc. The best breakdown I have seen is included on the chart which is included with this e-mail. Application of these recommendations will be up to parents, coaches, and school administration, unless things get much worse. I would be happy to consult with anyone who might have questions about applying this to your specific activity or event.