Projects - Proposed Trails

Community Service Area 1 (CSA1) - Trails Planning effort

CSA1 is a dependent district of Mono County Government that provides enhanced service to CSA1 residents (Long Valley, McGee Creek, Crowley Lake, Aspen Springs, Toms Place/Sunny Slopes).  Recreation is one of the enhanced services.  The initial trail efforts will be adjacent to our communities for residents and visitors, future trails will connect our communities, and provide additional economic benefit to area businesses.  

The Mono County Sustainable Outdoors and Recreation (MCSOR) program is a fundamental part of this effort.  All of these concepts are on federal lands and some bisect city lands.  Without the help and support of MCSOR, future approvals from city and federal land managers, this effort will not be successful.    


  • Support and advance new multi-use trails for all non-motorized users.
  • Build 50 miles of new trails within CSA 1 Boundaries.
  • Utilize existing public facilities (parks, campgrounds, trailheads, parking areas) as access nodes and tie trails into these facilities.