Mono County Strategic Plan Update 2022-2024


On behalf of the Mono County Board of Supervisors, it is my honor to share with you our updated Strategic Plan.

Our plan serves as part of the foundation for Mono County government, as we provide critical services to our community. It also offers a unique focus necessary for the adaptive nature of California counties. Among many other elements, our Strategic Plan expresses a set of values to which we subscribe in addressing the needs of Mono County’s residents, visitors and businesses.

The Strategic Plan is a pathway to future accomplishments we can generate together. However, it does not relieve our organization of its parallel and ongoing responsibility to carry out hundreds of laws and mandates, encompassing more than half of our daily work lives. Our employees do not take these responsibilities lightly, completing those tasks while concurrently focusing tremendous effort on local initiatives and projects that improve our quality of life.

The Board of Supervisors and executive leadership provided strategic planning input with a focus driven by decades of public service experience in support of our wonderful county. Contributions before and during the process have been exceptionally valuable. Over 150 public surveys were completed, with introductions to the survey through the county’s website, a webinar, direct mailers and several meetings with all Regional Planning Advisory Committees (RPACs). All input received, whether from Board members, employees or our community members, assists us in refining our priorities and strategies.

Our internal and external partnerships are only as strong as our organizational foundation. The key to that foundation is our most important asset, Mono County employees. As a service-based organization, our leadership must provide a common set of values, a meaningful mission and set a direction to work collaboratively in our communities.

I would personally like to thank my colleagues and our employees who steadfastly supported planning efforts and worked to produce this well thought out and flexible update. Their contributions and leadership are invaluable.

We are committed to serving all in Mono County and achieving long lasting outcomes while successfully navigating any challenges we face. Thank you again to everyone for their input, participation and commitment to Mono County.


Bob Gardner, Chair Mono County Board of Supervisors