Vandalism to vehicles parked on southbound Hwy 203

Mono County Sheriff badge

To:       All Media Partners

From:   Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer

Date:    June 26, 2014

RE:       Vandalism to vehicles parked on Hwy 203

For those carpoolers and others that park in the dirt lot on southbound Hwy 203, across from the chain-up area, please beware that several vehicles have been vandalized.

On Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, at approximately 7:15am, a local resident parked their vehicle in the dirt lot for the duration of the day. When they returned to their vehicle around 5:00pm, they noticed the front passenger side window had been smashed. There was a large rock next to the vehicle which is believed to have been used to smash the window.

On Wednesday, June 25th, 2014, at approximately 7:15am, a different local resident parked their vehicle in the same dirt lot. A car passing through the lot noticed that both the driver’s side and passenger side windows had been smashed.

Mono County Sheriff’s Investigators are asking anyone that has any information on the person that is vandalizing vehicles in this area, or has seen any suspicious activity, to please contact our dispatch center at (760) 932-7549. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is urging people to take caution when parking their vehicles in this common dirt lot. Always remember to leave your valuables somewhere other than inside your vehicle and ensure your vehicle is locked. If you see any suspicious activity, or notice any other vehicles that have been vandalized, please contact local law enforcement immediately.