#RoundFire - Paradise and Swall Meadows Update (10:08PM - 2/6)

UPDATE: #ROUNDFIRE near Paradise and Swall Meadows (10:08PM)

This afternoon, Friday, February 6, 2014, at approximately 2:00pm, a fire started on the Mono County / Inyo County line near Paradise. Due to the extreme winds the area has been experiencing, the fire has quickly spread through Swall Meadows and is currently moving its way up canyon. 

Mandatory evacuations are in place for the residents of Paradise and Swall Meadows. A new mandatory evacuation has been added for those in the Upper Rock Creek area. Deputies are on their way up the canyon to Upper Rock Creek to inform those up in the area.

A CodeRed Emergency Alert just went out to the following residents of Lower Rock Creek, Tom's Place and Sunny Slopes: Voluntary evacuations have also been put in effect for Lower Rock Creek, Tom's Place and Sunny Slopes. These are VOLUNTARY evacuations only. The fire is currently moving up canyon from the Swall Meadows area. At this time, residents can VOLUNTARILY evacuate. If this status changes, the Mono County Sheriff's Office will issue another CodeRed Emergency Alert warning letting residents know the voluntary evacuations have been lifted and it is now mandatory. But, AGAIN, at this time the evacuations are only voluntary!

Caltrans will be closing Hwy 395 at Tom's Place for southbound traffic and at the bottom of Sherwin Grade for northbound traffic. This will be a hard closure for Hwy 395 between Tom's Place and the bottom of Sherwin Grade.

We will continue to post updates as they become available to us! 
Thank you! - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer