Round Fire Re-Population Update (12:45pm on 2/9)

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Round Fire Re-Population Update (12:45pm on 2/9)

Here is the latest information on the re-population of Paradise and Swall Meadows:

Southern California Edison (SCE) is not ready to re-population Paradise at this time. There are still power lines down and no power within the community. SCE is close to restoring power. We cannot allow re-population until all utility needs are met.
We are anticipating for re-population of the community of Paradise at 4:00pm today. We are sorry for any inconveniences but please be patient, both communities will be re-populated today - first Paradise and then Swall Meadows.

Please note: no one will be allowed in the area without a pass. A pass can be obtained from the Mono County Sheriff's Office staged near the entry point located on the North side of Pine Creek Road, East of Lower Rock Creek Road. You will see the Command Post. Residents of Paradise will need a valid form of identification and residents will be allowed up to 2 people to assist with their re-population. They will have to be escorted with each resident.

Swall Meadows residents will follow the same guidelines. Re-population is expected to take place after Paradise, likely late afternoon.

The next update will be available at approximately 2:00pm. Thank you! - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer