Mono County Sheriff's Office to participate in 2014 California Great Shakeout

California Great Shakeout image

To:      All Media Partners

From:  Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer

Date:  October 14, 2014

RE:     Mono County Sheriff’s Office to participate in the 2014 California Great Shakeout

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office, along with millions of people, schools and organizations nationwide, will participate in earthquake preparedness, communication and drills as part of the Great Shakeout on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 10:16 a.m. Participants will “Drop, Cover and Hold On,” practicing the appropriate protective actions to take in response to an earthquake. Everyone should know how to protect themselves in an earthquake, especially in an area prone to earthquakes like Mono County. The 2014 California Shakeout Earthquake drill is an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools and organizations to practice what to do during an earthquake and how to improve preparedness. The recent swarms of earthquakes that have happened in recent weeks in Mono County have people thinking about the potential of the “big one” in this area. The Great Shakeout comes at the perfect opportunity to think preparedness and put plans into action.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office encourages all residents and visitors to sign up in the CodeRed Emergency Alert System, which will be used to communicate preparedness and disaster recovery information in the case of an actual earthquake. For residents, visitors and businesses interested in signing up for CodeRed alerts, please visit – Resources – CodeRed.

During an earthquake, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office will use the CodeRed system to let people know when it is safe to exit their homes, businesses or other buildings. The CodeRed system may also be used to communicate post-earthquake aid information including shelters, outages and government closures. The CodeRed system alerts you via landline, mobile phone and email. Notifications will also be delivered through the CodeRed Mobile Alert app, available on the App Store and Google Play, giving everyone the ability to receive instant alerts on their smartphone if you are on-the-go.

“We know the CodeRed system can save lives, but we can’t contact you if we don’t have your information. The Great Shakeout is a great event to remind everyone to be prepared and informed about earthquakes,” said Jennifer Hansen, MCSO Public Information Officer.

We hope you will participate with us! For more information about the Great Shakeout, including tips to help practice, prepare and be ready to respond to an earthquake, please visit

Written and prepared by Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer