Mono County Sheriff’s Office participates in intense emergency management training

Mono County Sheriff badge image

Date:      June 10, 2015
Subject: Personnel attend Emergency Management Training

In Mono County’s small corner of the Eastern Sierra, we are fortunate that natural disaster and major emergencies do not occur on a regular basis. But, as the Round Fire demonstrated to us all, we are not immune from natural disaster and emergencies.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office believes in taking a proactive approach to ensure all staff is properly trained to respond, manage and recover from any emergency that our county will face. Recently, one patrol sergeant and the department public information officer attended a California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) Emergency Management course. This course focused on the management of an emergency operations center (EOC). The training simulated a large scale earthquake with massive damage prompting the activation of the EOC. Sheriff’s Office staff had the opportunity to participate in the functional exercise and practice key roles in EOC management and decision making; including extensive practice in operations, public information and media relations. “I am pleased that our staff was able to participate in this valuable training opportunity. As we learned from the Round Fire, we cannot be prepared enough for a natural disaster and local emergency. An intense training such as this enables us to react quickly, request resources and manage our emergency response. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to seek opportunities to improve and expand our emergency response skills,” said Sheriff Ingrid Braun.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this training and enhance our knowledge and skills in emergency management. - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer