May is Bicycle Safety Month

National bike month image

Date:     May 1, 2015
Subject: National Bike Month

May is all about sunshine, warmer weather and getting out of your car and utilizing alternate modes of transportation.

Bicycling is a great way to get to work, school or out-and-about around town; get into shape; or to just get out there and have fun! Whether riding your bike, or sharing the road with a cyclist in your car, always think safety first!

In recognition of Bicycle Safety Month, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office has some tips and reminders to stay safe and share the road!

For motorists:
Always check your surroundings as a cyclist can appear in a moment’s notice. Drivers should make it a habit to always check their blind spots to avoid an accident or collision with a cyclist.

Use your signals to alert cyclists of your travel intentions.

Pay attention to following distance and allow a minimum of 3-4 seconds behind a cyclist for safety.

Respect designated bicycle lanes.

Never drive distracted or impaired. Always buckle up.

For cyclists:
Always wear your helmet!

Wear brightly colored protective gear and have proper safety equipment on your bike to ensure motorists can see you to help avoid an accident or collision.

Always signal your intentions with hand signals to draw attention to motorists before making a turn.

Obey all traffic laws! Cyclists are expected to know and must follow the same traffic laws and rules of the road as motorists. This is for everyone’s safety!

Never ride districted or impaired!

The Eastern Sierra and the roadways of Mono County are a beautiful backdrop to get out there and ride your bike! Ride safe and have fun! - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer