Lee Vining Rock Fall Project Update (Caltrans)

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Lee Vining Rockfall Safety Project
Project Update


Rock scaling is complete at slope #6 (the northernmost slope).

Test anchors have been successfully drilled on slope #6.  The anchors will hold the anchored mesh and cable mesh in place.

Production anchors are now being drilled on slope #6.

Rock scaling on slope #5 (just to the south of slope #6) is scheduled for next week.

Rock scaling and slope cornice rounding on slope #2 (second closest project slope to Lee Vining) is scheduled for next week.

Traffic signal timing has been fine-tuned to reduce delays.

No 1-hour closures are currently scheduled.  As soon as more specific information on these closures is available another project update will be distributed.

Construction began May 4 and is planned to continue through fall 2015.  Construction may also be required in spring/summer 2016.

Delays during construction will mostly be standard up-to-20 minute delays with one-way reversing traffic control. 

The temporary signal uses detection technology to minimize delays.

In addition to the standard up-to-20 minute delays, for several weeks during construction there may be
1 hour full closures, from 6 am to 7 am. 

Project Purpose:

The project purpose is to minimize the rockfall from six cut slopes north of Lee Vining near Mono Lake to improve safety.  The project includes a plant establishment program on all slopes to reduce erosion, establish healthy soil, and promote successful revegetation.

In addition, three of the slopes will receive anchored mesh to stabilize the slopes and reduce rockfall.

More information:
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