Inmate Escape

Mono County Sheriff badge

Date:              October 06, 2016
RE:                 Inmate Escape

Karissa Tunnell, a 24-year old resident of Stockton, was arrested on misdemeanor charges for possession of controlled substances. An additional felony charge was added after it was discovered that she had brought methamphetamine into the jail. While in custody, Tunnell experienced seizures as a result of drug withdrawals and was transported to Mammoth Hospital for medical treatment. Tunnell was ordered to call the Sheriff’s Office to be transported back to the jail and was advised that she would incur escape charges if she did not comply. Tunnell escaped from Mammoth Hospital but was located and taken back into custody.

Due to Tunnell’s non-violent status and the severe understaffing of the Sheriff’s Office, a Penal Code section was used that allows for the removal of the guard for non-violent offenders who need immediate medical treatment. The Mono County District Attorney, a Mono County Superior Court Judge, and the Public Defender were advised. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office has used this option multiple times in the past without incident.