Compliance Checks of Sex Offender Registrants & Probationers

Mono County Sheriff badge

Date:       April 26, 2016
Re:          Compliance Checks of Sex Offender Registrants and Probationers

In an effort to combat emerging crime trends, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office has initiated a compliance effort directed towards offenders required to register as a sex offender and report their residence.  This includes compliance checks of those offenders who are currently on court ordered probation.  This is an effort to utilize evidence-based policing, with a focus on emerging community concerns and crime trends.  Recent legislative changes in criminal offense classifications from felonies to misdemeanors have necessitated greater scrutiny by line-level law enforcement to ensure those convicted offenders are in compliance with their court ordered conditions and registration mandates.

Those offenders that are found to be in violation will be referred to the Mono County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of charges.  So far this effort has yielded the compliance search of eight locations resulting in the issuance of one citation for a violation of the conditions of court ordered probation.

In addition, four compliance checks were conducted for compliance with California Penal Code Section 290, mandating the reporting of the place of residence of convicted sex offenders.  Three of the offenders were found in compliance, and the fourth is under investigation.  One offender indicated that in the decade or more he has been required to register no one has ever verified his residence.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the best service possible to our community with our existing resources.