Assault with a firearm in the June Lake area

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Date:      July 7, 2015
Subject: Assault with a firearm in June Lake

On the morning of Sunday, July 5, 2015, at approximately 8:35am, the Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a call regarding a possible assault with a firearm that occurred the previous night in the June Lake area.

On the evening of Saturday, July 4, 2015, at approximately 10:00pm, Mr. Julian Wendell, age 30, of Mission Viejo, California, and a male and a female, both of June Lake, were involved in an altercation at their campsite in the June Lake area.  Mr. Wendell drove the male and the female to the campsite after spending some time in the Town of June Lake. During the drive to the campsite, Mr. Wendell was driving in an aggressive manner and was confronted by both the male and the female. When they arrived at the campsite, Mr. Wendell became aggressive and pushed the female as they both exited the vehicle. The male met Mr. Wendell at the front of the vehicle where the two began to argue and got into a physical altercation. Mr. Wendell then went into his trailer and brought out a handgun. He hit the male in the head with the butt of the handgun. Mr. Wendell then fired several rounds into the air. The male and the female were able to leave the campsite where the male was taken to Mammoth Hospital for treatment of his injuries and released. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate the incident.

On the morning of Sunday, July 5, 2015, Mono County Sheriff’s deputies, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, located Mr. Wendell and he was arrested without incident. Three firearms were recovered from Mr. Wendell’s trailer.

Julian Wendell, age 30, of Mission Viejo, California, was arrested for assault with a firearm on a person (245(a)(2) PC); willful infliction of corporal injury (273.5(a) PC); discharging a firearm in grossly negligent manner (246.3 PC); and drawing, exhibiting, or using firearm (417(a)(2) PC). He is currently in custody at the Mono County Jail. All charges for Mr. Wendell are pending with the Mono County District Attorney’s Office. - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer

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