2015 "Click It or Ticket" Campaign

CalTrans Click It or Ticket logo

You weren't wearing your seat belt. So what? You're a safe driver. You will be ok ...... right? Wrong! Beginning May 18 - May 31, 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the 2015 Click It or Ticket campaign. This campaign helps everyone understand the importance of wearing your seat belts while driving or riding in a car, this includes all passengers and your children. Law enforcement agencies everywhere will step up their seat belt enforcement to crack down on motorists not wearing their seat belts. It's the law to wear your seat belt and it will save a life!

Statistics show that where the use of wearing seat belts is high, over 9,500 people in 2013 were killed in a car accident because they weren't wearing their seat belts. Seat belts saved an estimated 12,584 lives among passengers 5 years of age or older! Remember, as the driver, you can set a huge example to those in your car simply by buckling up and encouraging everyone else to do the same! It could save your life and your passengers lives! Remember, click it or ticket! Accidents happen - don't become a negative statistic! Join this powerful campaign and encourage everyone to wear their seat belts! - Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer