Community Survey Results

In October of 2012, the CSA #1 board sent out a Community Survey to all residents who own property within the district asking folks to rank 6 projects in order as 1 being the most favorable and 6 being the least favorable.  The projects were:

A new Library to be built at the current site of the CL Community Center.

Community programs, to be held at the CL Community Center

Improvements to the CL Ball Field, to be one building with bathrooms, drinking fountain, storage shed for pressure tank and sports equipment and a concession stand.

One additional piece of playground equipment at the CL Park on CL Drive.

Skate Park at the CL Ball Field.

Solar Panels on the CL Community Center or other Public Buildings.

   We received 174 returned surveys from the 400 sent out.  The results are as follows:

#1)  A new Library

#2) Community Programs

#3) Ball Field Improvements

#4) Additional playground equipment and Solar Panels tied

#5) Skate Park

You can also find more information and the survey results on