First 5 Mono County

Parenting Partners
Free Home Visiting
for families with children ages 1-5


Parenting Partners is a free home visiting program for Mono County families and is partially funded through Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Funds (CAPIT).  

Is Parenting Partners for Me? If your child is 1-5 years old, you have a parenting challenge, and you live in Mono County—the answer is yes.

Examples of parenting challenges include:

1. Family related: stress, challenges providing a safe and healthy environment.

2. Issue-based: getting your child to sleep in a bed, toilet learning, discipline, biting, or hitting.

3. Special needs: parents or children with atypical development.

What Else Should I Know? Parenting Partners parent educators use Parents as Teachers curriculum to share information about specific topics, typical child development, and encourage healthy age-appropriate motor, intellectual, and social-emotional development.Parent partners can help you learn about and connect with local services for families. There is no charge for the program.

How many home visits will I have? During your first meeting, your parent partner will begin goal setting with you. Depending on what challenges your family is facing, you may decide to have only a few visits, or to have monthly visits for the whole year. If an issue is especially difficult, visits may be scheduled for every other week.

Will the visits be helpful to my family? Home visits are tailored to you, your family, and your situation. The information your parent partner brings will be based on your questions, the issues you would like help solving, and your child’s developmental stage.

Do visits have to be in my house? No. If you are more comfortable with out-of-home visits, you can meet your parent partner at a community center, the library, or another place that is comfortable for you.

How do I sign up? Call First 5 Mono County at 760-924-7626. You will be asked a few simple questions, like your name, child’s name and date of birth, your phone number and reason for wanting visits. The phone call will take about 5 minutes. Within a few days your parent partner will call to set up your first home visit.