Mono County Commended for Statewide Leadership for Bridgeport Biomass Boiler

Bridgeport Biomass Boiler Staff

August 10, 2017

Mono County Supervisors and staff were commended by State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow and State Senator Tom Berryhill on Thursday for their efforts at implementing the first thermal biomass boiler of its kind in the Sierra Nevada Region.

Assemblyman Bigelow toured the facility on Thursday, along with representatives from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District, County Supervisors, and staff.

The thermal biomass boiler replaces an outdated propane boiler that provides space heating for the County Road Shop in Bridgeport. The boiler burns clean wood chips that would otherwise be destined for disposal. The initial concept was formed in 2012 with a regional biomass feasibility study, and was made possible in 2015 with funding from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. The boiler has been operational since February 2017.

Danna Stroud of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy stressed the importance of Mono County stepping up to accept the challenge of implementing unfamiliar infrastructure, and explained how that effort will benefit other jurisdictions in the region.

Bigelow praised the County for its proactive effort at reducing waste disposal while offsetting energy costs, and envisioned a future where many rural communities would benefit from similar efforts.

Shown in Picture: (L-R) Public Works Director Jeff Walters, Public Works Maintenance Worker Don Nunn, State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, District 4 Supervisor John Peters and District 2 Supervisor Fred Stump.