Mono County Board of Supervisors Adopt 2022-23 Budget

MONO COUNTY, Calif. (SEPTEMBER 28, 2022) – On September 13, 2022, the Mono County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2022-2023 recommended Budget as presented.  The Budget process continues to be a collaborative effort between the County Administrative Officer, Board of Supervisors, and all county department leaders.

“I wish to express specific appreciation to Janet Dutcher, Mono County Finance Director, for having taken responsibility for the County Budget in the absence of a fully staffed Administrative Office, as well as her dedication to fiscal responsibility and sustainability,” said Bob Lawton, Mono County Administrative Officer.  “Megan M. Chapman has recently completed her transition from being a Finance department staff member to joining the administrative office as Mono County’s first County Budget Officer, and I thank her for embracing this new role.”

The Mono County Budget for FY2022–23 comprises $140.1 million in expenditures in all funds, offset by $126.7 million in revenues and $13.4 million in applied fund balance.  The General Fund makes up $45.3 million of both revenues and expenditures, or 32.3% of all funds in the Mono County Budget.

The General Fund Budget is structurally balanced for FY2022–2023.  There will be no use of carryover Fund Balance for expenditures in FY2022–2023.  Mono County will use current year revenues to pay for current year expenditures in the General Fund.

The Mono County FY 2022-2023 Budget can be accessed here.