Fish & Game Fine Fund Local Program Funding

The Mono County Economic Development Department has funds available to assist with fish and wildlife related programs. Examples of types of programs that may be supported by this funding are: fish enhancement, wildlife care, public educational programs, improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, scientific fish and wildlife research, etc. The fish and Game Fine Fund has legislative requirements which must be met for the funding to be used. (See State of California Fish and Game Code Section 13103).

If an entity requests funds and the reason(s) meets the legislative requirements, the Economic Development Department will bring the request to the Mono County Board of Supervisors for consideration at a future board meeting. A representative of the requesting organization will be required to appear at the Board of Supervisors meeting to provide a background summary of the program for which they are requesting money. The Mono County Board of Supervisors must approve of the expenditure prior to any disbursement of funds.

Granting of funds will be considered in the order in which they are received and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Attached is a copy of the funding request form. Forms may be submitted by mail, or electronically. Please request only the amount necessary to accommodate the needs of your organization so that the limited available funds can benefit as many local groups as possible.

Please submit an online application, or complete the PDF application (attached below). 

For additional information, or assistance, and to submit completed requests, please contact:

Jeff Simpson, Mono County Economic Development
PO Box 603
Mammoth, Lakes CA 93546
(760) 924-4634