Reproductive Health / Salud Reproductiva

Family Planning and Prenatal Care Guidance

Free Resources / Recursos gratuitos:

Pregnancy testing/ Prueba de embarazo

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing/ Pruebas infecciones transmitidas sexualmente

Health Insurance assistance/ Asistencia de seguro medico

WIC referral/ Referencia para el WIC

Prenatal vitamins/ Vitaminas prenatales

Birth Control Counseling and referrals/ Consejería de anti conceptivos y referencias

Infant Safe Sleep supplies/ Suministros para el sueño seguro de bebés

Maternal Mental Health Resources/ Recursos de salud mental materna


Oral Health Supplies/Suministros de salud dental

Air purifiers (limited supplies)/Purificadores de aire (suministros limitados)


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COVID-19 Resources for Maternal and Infant Health

COVID-19 Resources for Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Programs

Resources for professionals, parents, and caregivers

Education for Professionals

Perinatal Substance Use Education Workshop Recording

Health Education Resources for Pregnant Persons

Opioids and Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Opioids: What You Need to Know

Opioid use can cause problems for a developing baby in the early weeks of pregnancy, even before a woman knows she is pregnant. The California Department of Public Health is working to educate California’s moms-to-be and families about the risks associated with opioids during pregnancy

Learn more at the California Department of Public Health website

Maternal Depression


Maternal Mental Health Symptoms and Solutions

May is Maternal Mental Health Month, but this 60-second educational video is appropriate to show year-round. Teach families, especially moms and moms-to-be, about perinatal depression and help them learn that seeking help is a sign of strength.

Learn more at the California Department of Public Health website


URGENT MATERNAL WARNING SIGNS (click here to see website with list)

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If you have any of these symptoms during or after pregnancy, contact your health care provider and get help right away. If you can’t reach your provider, go to the emergency room.

Additional tips for using this list:

This list is not meant to cover everything you might be experiencing. If you feel like something just isn’t right, it’s always best to tell your provider and get the help you need.

Always remember to say that you’re pregnant or have been pregnant within the last year when getting help.

Symptoms are listed from head to toe