Mono County


Benefits are an important part of our employees’ compensation package and we strive to offer a variety of competitive and affordable benefit options.  An overview of our benefits program is listed blow, however, benefits vary depending on union affiliation and employment status.

Medical: Blue Cross of California: Customer Service Department, (877) 737-7776 Mono County pays your health insurance premium with employee co-pay as a full time, regular County employee and all dependents if employee chooses PERS choice (80/20 plan). Caremark Customer Service (prescription drug only (866)999-7377.  Employee has an option of choosing PERS care (90/10 plan) at additional cost to the employee. 

Dental: Heller Associates: (800)552-2929 : 1-714-549-7052 Mono County pays the full amount of your monthly dental insurance premium as a full time, regular County employee and all dependents.

Vision:  VSP:  1-800-877-7195 Mono County pays the full amount of your monthly premium.

Life Insurance:  $5,000 for general employees; $1,000 for Spouse; Management employees receive ($50,000) during their active service

Disability Insurance: County shall assure that all covered employees are enrolled in the State Disability Insurance (SDI) program at County expense. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This assistance provides confidential counseling for employees and employees’ families who are facing personal problems.  The County pays for six hours of service per calendar year.  All an employee needs to do is call for an appointment with one of the pre-approved professional providers, which is attached.

Cafeteria Plan: Any employee who is enrolled in CalPERS medical insurance is eligible to contribute to the Cafeteria plan.

Employee Flexible Benefits 125 Plan: Plan provides employees the opportunities to set aside pre-tax dollars for child care or out of pocket medical expenses and some insurance. This is used on a calendar year.  All monies set aside, must be used by December.

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan): The contribution program is an optional, supplemental long-term deferred compensation program that permits you, through payroll deductions, to defer (postpone, delay) some of your salary on a regular basis.  Taxes on the money and earnings are deferred until they are withdrawn.

Retirement:  Miscellaneous Employees:  Effective 1/1/2013, the safety formula for new Mono County employees as defined in the Public Pension Reform Act will be 2.7% @ 57.  The miscellaneous formula for new employees as defined in the Act will be 2% at 62.  New hires employed by a PERS agency during the 6 month period prior to their date of employment with our County will receive the formula that was in effect for their new bargaining unit on 12/31/2012.  Employees do not participate in Social Security.  401(a) Plan:  If an employee elects not to participate in the retirement medical they can opt for the 401(a) plan which is similar to the 457, the 401(a) has County match up to 3% of salary.  There is 100% vesting after 6 years. 

Wellness Program: The County provides discounts to Snowcreek Athletic Club and Double Eagle Resort & Spa, & Body Shop in Mammoth Lakes, CA; $30 is deducted from employee’s checks who wish to participate.

Vacation:  Initial Employment:  10 days vacation/yr.; after 3 years service-15 days/yr.;                                                               after 10 years service-17 days/yr. 

Sick Leave: Sick leave for each covered employee shall accrue upon the employee’s date of employment at the rate of one full day of sick leave for each month of service, to a maximum accrual of one hundred (100) sick leave days. 

Longevity Compensation: Longevity pay (amount differs with each bargaining group).

Paid Holidays:  up to 14 paid holidays (plus 2 personal holidays to be used before December 31st)

Education Incentive Program: Covered employees who wish to enroll in job-related or promotion-oriented courses shall be reimbursed by the County for allowable expenses related to courses not to exceed $700.00 per calendar year.  Department-head approval is required prior to class enrollment.

Education Loan Program:  Covered employees are eligible to apply for educational loans under the same terms and conditions applicable to other County employees.  Must be approved by CAO and is lieu of Education Incentive Program.

Bi-lingual Pay:  The County provides two tiers of bilingual pay based on the degree of fluency needed by the County and demonstrated by an eligible MCPE member.  Tier I:  $125/month  Tier II:  $250/month

Agency Shop: Each covered employee shall pay to the ASSOCIATION a monthly “service fee”.  As a condition of membership, members shall pay association dues.

Financial Center Credit Union: Employees have the option of participating in the Credit Union which is located P.O. Box 208005, Stockton, CA 95208-9005.  Phone:  (209) 948-6024

Deferred Compensation Plan: available to County employees

Disaster Service Workers:  All Mono County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers during a proclaimed emergency and may be required to perform certain emergency services at the direction of their supervisor.

Management Employees: (full time exempt): 
Management employees accrue vacation at a rate of 15 days per year plus 80 hours for being FLSA exempt employees