Mono County

Our Staff

Mono County Behavioral Health provides a wide array of services:  counseling for mental health and substance use issues, case management, psychotherapy, prevention, crisis intervention and stabilization and psychiatry.  Below you will find a listing of all of our talented staff members:

Robin Roberts, MFT
Director of MCBH
Joined Mono County August 2008

Annie Linaweaver, MFT
Clinical Supervisor
Joined Mono County September 1994


Richard Bonneau, RAS
Alcohol and Drug Counselor II
Joined Mono County December 2011

Christina Caro, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 22772
Psychiatric Specialist II
Joined Mono County September 2007

Maria Lourdes Gonzalez, MFT
Mental Health Counselor II
Joined Mono County August 2012

Bertha Jimenez
Case Manager II
Joined Mono County October 2012

Shirley K. Martin
Administrative Services Supervisor
Joined Mono County January 1997

Debra Stewart, RAS
Alcohol and Drug Counselor III
Joined Mono County March 2004


Danielle George, M.S., MFT
Psychiatric Specialist II/ QA Coordinator
Joined Mono County Sept 2012

Ann Marie Brysiak, ACSW
Psychiatric Specialist l
Joined Mono County June 2014

Salvador Montanez
Case Manager II

Joined Mono County Feb 2014

Bianca Longino 

Office Assistant II                                                                                                                                                             Joined Mono County Nov 2013

Laura Cruz

Fiscal & Technical Specialist 1

Joined Mono County Nov 2013