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2019-2024 Mono County Strategic Plan


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Mono County is in the process of updating its Strategic Plan, and we’d like YOUR input!  Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to take five minutes to share their priorities for Mono County Government by completing a brief survey on the Mono County Strategic Plan.

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The 2019 – 2024 Mono County Strategic Plan is rooted in the organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values – the underpinnings which describe why and how we do what we do. Sitting on top of these are our Core Services. These are the activities and services which our departments perform every day, regardless of staffing or funding, and take-up the majority of our capacity. Building from our Core Services are the Strategic Focus Areas of the County. Articulated through five Initiatives, underlying Goals, and associated organizational Outcomes, these are the major areas we intend to move forward in the next five years through tactical work efforts by each department. 


In 2013, Mono County employees embarked on the County’s first strategic planning effort. The county took a unique approach in inviting all employees to participate in the process from the ground up. Two years later, the Board of Supervisors endorsed the Mono County Strategic Plan Framework that included Mono County’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Since that time, County leadership and elected officials have worked together to refine the agency's  priorities and align departmental work plan efforts with overall County objectives. These were formally synthesized in February, 2018 as Strategic Focus Areas.

The 2019 – 2024 Mono County Strategic Planning process built off much of the work done in 2018, referencing the five major Initiatives and underlying Goals previously developed by the Board of Supervisors and key staff within the organization. Using that as a starting point, a half-day workshop took place on March 18th, 2019. Facilitated by Bill Chiat from the California State Association of Counties, this initial session focused on identifying key organizational Outcomes for each of the Initiatives which help articulate what success looks like through work efforts. 

On March 22nd, 2019 Mono County Department Heads gathered and worked through a process to further refine these Outcomes and begin a conversation about how we would align our work tactically to achieve them. Further, departments began the work of defining our individual Core Services, recognizing the significant amount of time and energy which is spent on performing and delivering quality results within those. 

All of this work was brought into a Board of Supervisors workshop on April 11th, 2019. During this several hour gathering Board members and staff had an opportunity to reflect on the concepts which had been developed to date and refine them as appropriate. 

The cumulative input from these meetings and individual feedback helped shape the 2019 – 2024 Mono County Strategic Plan.



Strategic Planning is a process that focuses an organization on long-term issues, establishes clear purpose for all staff and produces a system of results oriented measurement that reinforces how best to use scarce resources for maximum return. As resources have diminished over the last 15 years and more dramatically in the last six, Strategic Planning has given the public and policy makers the ability to focus not merely on the next year but the next five, ten and twenty years, and build an effective understanding of services and the necessary focused investment for service improvement.

Effective Strategic Planning goes beyond identifying and completing tasks but changes how we do business at the County and provides new methods to engage our employees in building a Higher Performing Organization. It builds context for all operations.