District 2: Fred Stump

Fred Stump

Mono County District 2 is very diverse. It contains bedroom communities, agricultural areas and Tribal Lands all located in the southern part of the County. It is serviced by four School Districts, five Fire Districts, and a variety of Water, Sewer, Community Service, and Hospital Districts. These linkages allow some of its communities to feel more closely tied to the Bishop area of Inyo County while others are linked to the Mammoth Lakes area in Mono. There is even a portion of District 2 that, due to its geographic isolation from the rest of Mono County, receives its fire, ambulance, law enforcement and School services from Esmeralda County Nevada. The high percentage of land ownership in District 2 by the Federal Government or the City of Los Angeles creates separation between many of the District’s Communities and imposes development limitations within the District.  Needless to say, one size does not fit all in District 2 and nor should it. Each Community has its own unique character. Limited County resources make providing equitable services to all areas of District 2 difficult and are a frequent source of comment from District residents. There are no easy answers to these discrepancies and I admire the spirit of self sufficiency, usually done by volunteers, in each of the District’s communities that help bridge the service provision gap. 


Mono County District 2 is the only Mono County District to be traversed by two main highways, Highway 6 and Highway 395. These routes support transit traffic that is not only essential to the tourist portion of the Mono County economy but the broader economic activity of the movement of goods between Southern California and points north to the western United States east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The District also contains geothermal power production facilities, power transmission infrastructure, the headwaters reservoir for the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and agricultural product production in one of the most pollution free areas of California. These assets and more support an entire region of the United States. Mono County, District 2 included, is visited by many seeking a variety of quality seasonal outdoor recreational activities. Not only is this a major contributor to the Mono County economy, but provides those visiting the stress relief benefits of “getting away from it all”. These things being said, one of the greatest challenges facing District 2 is sustainable and maintainable 21st century economic development that fits within governmental agency land ownership development restrictions, State and Federal  agency restrictions, and the need to maintain the environmental quality which Mono County is known for.  

About me:

  • I was born in 1949
  • I have a Bachelors Degree from the University of California - Davis and a Masters Degree from California State University – Sacramento
  • I moved to Mono County in January of 1976 living in June Lake, Lee Vining, and Crowley Lake
  • I am married and have two adult children
  • I worked as a career Firefighter until I retired in 2006
  • I served as Chief of the Long Valley Volunteer Fire Department from 2000 to December 2012, part of this time was in addition to my career Firefighter occupation
  • I was a member of the Long Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee

I look forward to working with residents and stakeholders on Mono County and District 2 issues.