Mono County

AD Hoc Emergency Medical Services Committee

During the mid-year budget hearings on March 2, 2015, the Mono County Board of Supervisors voted to approve an additional $225,326 to fill the budget deficit in the Emergency Medical Services Program thus maintaining services although beyond the originally budgeted amount. This brought the total general fund contribution to this program to $1,906,345 for fiscal year 2014/15.

The long history of the program has had numerous ongoing challenges to the financial stability of the program. Given the unsustainable level of general fund impacts and the continuing concerns regarding the County's ability to maintain the program's current direction, the Board of Supervisors has established an AD Hoc Emergency Medical Services Committee.  The Ad Hoc Committee will review all pertinent issues facing the program and invite in those parties which can provide the needed insight to the need for understanding services and possible options. As this is a Board created committee, it will be subject to the Brown Act and the meetings will be public.

This Board Ad Hoc Committee will investigate the current status of the EMS delivery system and make recommendations to the Board on how to best design a Mono County EMS delivery system that is of the highest quality, serves the entire county and is cost effective.

Goals of Committee
  • Analyze current model and cost
  • Gather expert input
  • Develop a series of options that will support a high quality, county wide and fiscally sustainable model for the future of EMS in all of Mono County
  • Term of the committee – 6 months