Mono County


1. Complete Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Form (see below) and mail or fax to the Election's Office no later than 5:00pm on October 28, 2014.
2. With passing of AB530, you will be able to request your Vote-By-Mail ballot by telephone (760-932-5537 or 5534). Elections Code 3007.8 states:(b) To apply be telephone, the applicant shall provide to the elections official personal identifying information that matches the information contained on the applicant's affidavit of registration, including first and last name, home address, and date of birth. The applicant's signature shall not be required. (c) A person shall not apply for a vote by mail voter's ballot pursuant to this section using the name of, or on behalf of, another person. Requests must be no later than 5:00pm on October 28, 2014.
**NOTE: If your information does not match what is on your affidavit of registration, you must fill out a new voter registration card before a vote-by-mail ballot can be issued. This may be done by contacting the election's office 760-932-5537 or elections [at] mono [dot] ca [dot] gov


Vote-By-Mail Voters may confirm the receipt of their voted vote-by-mail ballot through the following free access phone number:  866-327-0201