Mono County

Welcome to Economic Development and Special Projects

  • Mono County Economic Development

    The Mono County Economic Development Department strives to continually improve and enhance the economic conditions within Mono County for its residents and businesses to ensure long-term sustainability. Through the pursuit of potential opportunities, Mono County Economic Development works to create jobs, promote tourism and existing businesses, to create a business environment that is attractive to new ventures, and provide support that will ensure long-term economic success and environmental sustainability for the region.

    The Economic Development Department also collaborates with various agencies, organizations and individuals to formulate creative solutions to economic issues and constraints, and develop new ideas for economic opportunities.

    These organizations include:

    •Regional Planning Advisory Committees
    •Chambers of Commerce
    •High Sierra Visitors Council
    •Interagency Visitors Center Board - Lone Pine
    •Long Valley Hydrologic Advisory Committee
    •Eastern Sierra Cultural & Heritage Association (ESCHA)

    Mono County Economic Development also oversees, administers, and regulates Conway Ranch and the fish enhancement programs on Conway Ranch and the Mono County Fisheries Commission. In addition, the department oversees the regulation of geothermal power development on non-federal land.

    The department works closely with the Mono County Tourism & Film Commission to develop and drive tourism marketing efforts and to promote the region as an accessible, film-friendly destination to encourage filming productions in the county.

  • Film in Mono County
    Filming Opportunities in Mono County

    California's Eastern Sierra offers the most unique and impressive landscapes in the world. If you're looking for roads winding through dramatic mountain backdrops, sparkling mountain lakes and waterfalls, authentic ghost towns, bubbling hot springs or moon-like rock formations, search no further! It's here in Mono County!

  • Tourism

    When it comes to scenic beauty, natural wonders and recreational opportunities, Mono County is among the top destinations in the world. California's Eastern Sierra provides endless opportunities for all ages and adventure seekers of every kinds. Whether you are looking for world class hiking, skiing, fishing, off-roading, snowmobiling, rock climbing, horseback riding, sight-seeing and nature watching; or just looking to relax in a serene and tranquil nature setting, Mono County offers it all.