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Internet Speeds and Your Needs

Know What Service and Connection Speed You Really Need for Your Internet Activity

Choosing the right internet speed can directly affect the performance you receive when using the internet for different purposes. Certain activities such as web browsing, gaming, streaming video, and video conferencing require different internet speeds for optimal performance. The amount of users on the same network can also affect the speed and require higher speeds in order to maintain performance.

Understand the basics before deciding which speed best fits your household or business internet use.

Q: How is internet speed determined?

A: Internet speed is determined by two factors.  Megabits (Mb or Mbps) and Bandwidth. Megabits are how many bits of data (in millions) can be moved in a second. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another.

Fact: To download 1mb/sec you need a connection of 8Mbps

Download Speeds and Expectations for Performance

Different internet speeds are required for optimal performance depending on your use of the internet.

Download Speeds

1-4 Mbps- This internet speed is the lowest available and generally the cheapest provided by internet service providers (ISP)

Performance Expectations: Buffering in video streams and downloads will most likely occur.

Uses: Acceptable basic email and web browsing.

5-6 Mbps- This internet speed is considered to be the lowest speed available with great performance for modern bandwidth applications.

Performance Expectations: Smooth web browsing, e-mailing, and streaming music with minimal delays.

Uses: Web browsing. e-mail, streaming music, video applications.

7-10 Mbps- This internet speed is ideal for residential users that like to stream television and movies
Performance Expectations: This internet speed is typically good for one user but may experience delays with multiple users.

Uses: Online Gaming and Video for single user

11-15 Mbps- This internet speed is fast becoming the new norm amongst residential subscribers looking for optimal home performance

Performance Expectations: Users can expect noticeable increases in performance, download time, and speed of transition in-between web pages.

Uses: Gaming, video streaming, video conferencing, telemedicine, remote education, HDTV programming

16-50 Mbps- This internet speed is ideal for locations with multiple users of high tech applications

Performance Expectations:  Multiple users on the same service can expect quick download times, and seamless streaming.

Uses: Multiple high tech users, video streaming, gaming, multiple user downloads

50+ Mbps- This internet speed is generally used for commercial purposes and not necessary for typical residential use

Performance Expectations: Super fast speed for residential and increased performance for real time applications

Uses: Commercial applications, including video conferencing and remote supercomputing, Video conferencing (multiple users), remote supercomputing, real-time data collection, real-time medical image consultation