Mono County

Jobseeker Services

Many employers in Mono County use the Career Services Center to help fill job vacancies. These opportunities are available to you via CalJOBS. Hundreds of jobs in Mono County and thousands throughout California are listed in the CalJOBS computer system. You can enroll yourself, look for jobs and enter your resume on CalJOBS in our resource room. If you haven’t used a computer before and would like help in enrolling in CalJOBS, we can provide assistance.

Job Placement Assistance

Looking for work can sometimes be an intimidating process. Our professional career counseling and placement staff at the Career Services Center can help prepare you for this task and make the process of looking for work easier. Whether it is attending a workshop to help improve your job seeking skills or speaking with one of our placement staff about a job opening, our job at the Career Services Center is to help you be successful in your quest to find employment.

Resume Workshop

A resume is now one of the most important tools in an effective job search. If you need assistance in developing a resume, the Career Services Center provides a resume workshop. In the workshop, the purpose of a resume in today’s job market will be explained and our professional staff will assist you in developing a one-page resume. The resume is then typed by the client and assisted by our word processing staff. The workshops are scheduled as needed.

Training and Education

To be competitive in today’s job market, we sometimes need to upgrade our skills through training or education. The Career Services Center can be your access point to many valuable services.